America, China and the Islamic State

Washington has launched still another “war against terror” in the Middle East and beyond. It is the kind of escalation that the Islamic State has hoped. In contrast, Beijing is likely to stick to cautious engagement. Half a month after offering the American people his rationale for taking the United States into a new Middle […]

Chinese lessons of urbanization in Africa

Nigeria has not reaped the benefits it did in China. Then again, the lessons of Chinese urbanization differ from those in the West. Recently, the consulting conglomerate McKinsey released its intriguing urbanization report Nigeria’s renewal: Delivering inclusive growth. According to McKinsey, the Nigerian case differs from the expected pattern of rising productivity and per capita GDP, […]

The European Crisis – ‘Financial Poker’ Games!

Reviewing the borrowing costs of European nations, a visiting intelligent alien may conclude that the European economic crisis is over and rehabilitation complete. 10-year government bond rates for Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece are 2.20%, 3.12%, 1.67% and 6.15% respectively. Equivalent rates for Germany, France and Italy are 0.97%, 1.31% and 2.39%. Comparable rates for […]

As Exports Soar, US Economy Closes in on Fed’s Targets

Revised data released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis show that the US economy grew at a 4.6 percent annual rate in the second quarter of 2014, even faster than the 4.2 percent previously estimated. That was the most rapid quarterly growth since Q4 2010. Much of the upward revision was due to the […]

How the U.S. Facilitates the Rise of China and Its Geo-Political Challenges

Edward Luttwak is one of America’s most important strategic thinkers, although less well known to the American public than other ‘strategic celebrities’ such as Henry Kissinger. Luttwak’s recent book, The Rise of China vs. the Logic of Strategy demonstrates his extraordinary grasp of both China and strategic thinking. He argues that China’s rapid increase in […]

What Went Wrong? Russia Sanctions, EU, and the Way Out

Without a diplomatic solution, the sanctions against Russia will have an adverse impact on its economy, but could also push Europe to a triple-dip recession.  Last March – after months of escalation in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine – President Obama initiated sanctions against Russia in financial services, energy, defense and related materials sectors. New […]

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