U.S. ISM Manufacturing Index: June 2014 Preview

The ISM Manufacturing Index is expected to increase to 55.5 in tomorrow’s update for June—a marginal gain vs. the previous month, based on The Capital Spectator’s median econometric forecast. The Capital Spectator’s median projection is just below the range of three consensus forecasts via surveys of economists. Here’s a closer look at the numbers, followed […]

Global Winds Can Blow UK to a Long-Haul Recovery

Britain’s economy is expanding at a healthy rate. This month, for the first time, the average growth prediction for 2014 has hit 3% among the independent forecasters surveyed each month by the Treasury. With half the year gone, you may say that this is not a particularly bold forecast. The numbers and the surveys are […]

The Dirty Truth About Clean Energy

By Chris Dalby: Media coverage of the energy industry often makes the players seem like the cast of a Hollywood Western. Coal and oil companies are the bad guys, ruining the environment and abusing the villagers for a quick buck. They are winning until wind and solar developers ride into town like the cavalry, their […]

The Other Big Energy Export News

The energy world has been abuzz this week with news that the Department of Commerce will allow exports of minimally processed condensate. This has been heralded as a “step towards a rational oil policy” and a shift that “could change the world’s energy balance”. In particular, many are speculating that this is a step toward complete elimination […]

How China Becomes a Cyber Power

One of the justifications for the creation of the Chinese leading group on cybersecurity and information technology was the need to move China from a “big” network country to a “strong” cyber power (从网络大国走向网络强国). While China has the world’s largest number of Internet users and a vibrant domestic market, policymakers and outside analysts seem to have significant […]

BIS Warns About Destabilizing Low Interest Rates

The financial media is all atwitter (no pun intended) over the Bank of International Settlement’s just released annual report, since it shook a stern finger at central banks for keeping super low interest rates and warned them about the difficulty of renormalizing without kicking up a lot of upheaval. It’s hardly news that getting out […]

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark: The Rise of Monetary Cranks and Fixing What Ain’t Broke

Horatio:  He waxes desperate with imagination. Marcellus:  Let’s follow. ‘Tis not fit thus to obey him. Horatio:  Have after. To what issue will this come? Marcellus:  Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Horatio:  Heaven will direct it. Marcellus:  Nay, let’s follow him.  Hamlet Act 1, scene 4   Marcellus is right, the Fish […]

When Will the Economy Recover? What does “Economic Recovery” Mean, Anyway? Public and Professional Views

According to the latest public opinion poll from CNNMoney, 61 percent of Americans think it will take three more years for the U.S. economy to recover fully from the Great Recession. Only 3 percent think that it has already recovered, while 16 percent think it will never recover. And that was before last week’s news […]

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