Bring Poland to G20, and Don’t Cry for Argentina

The Economist’s leader on  the Argentina’s gradual decline (“The parable of Argentina”, The Economist, February 15th, 2014) provokes a question what Argentina does in the G20, a group of countries important and meaningful for the world economy? Who – and why? – has invited Argentina to take a part in this structure, considering that its decline, as you call it, has been lasting already for a number of decades. In G20 there are also Brazil and Mexico, and that is sufficient representation of Latin American countries, the more so since Argentina hardly gives a good example to follow for catching up economies. Hence, wasn’t it a mistake to invite Argentina 15 years ago, to G20? Even if at that time it seemed to be justified from the view point of USA and some other countries of rich G7, it is not a case anymore.

Yet there is a country which does deserve to join G20 much more. Poland – the only member of the UE which due to sound institutions and responsible policy was able to avoid recession at the time of world economic crisis. Country which, unlike Argentina and many others, in the World Bank Doing Business 2014 ranking has advanced by the whole ten notches. Country by all means the most successful among post-communist transition economies. Out of 35 countries in this group, only Russia is a member of G20, however it doesn’t necessary presents the interests and agenda of this region.

Bring Poland to G20, and don’t cry for Argentina. Although my country has 11 percent less of population, due to better governance it enjoys 8 percent higher GDP. And to dozens of other emancipating economies it shows much better how to tackle the challenges of this volatile word.