The Bubble in Bubbles

barrons bubble
Source: Barron’s

If you have been paying any kind of attention to the mainstream media the past few years, you may have noticed quite a bit of bubble chatter. We have a tech IPO bubble and a stock bubble and of course a bond bubble. This is caused by a global central bank QE  bubble. We had an Apple bubble, we had a fraud bubble, we had a derivatives bubble and a subprime bubble. Silicon Valley is having a start up bubble, and parts of south Florida and Manhattan are having mini real estate bubbles. The gold and oil bubble came and went. The cover of Barron’s this weekend was literally a bubble – the second such bubble cover in two years.

We have had so many bubbles that, as I first addressed in 2011, we are having a “bubble in bubbles.”

What say we step back and put this into a bit of context?

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This piece is cross-posted from The Big Picture with permission.