Germany and the Euro-Surrealpolitik

This articles reviews the theory behind Optimum Currency Areas and the lack of willingness in the European Union and particularly of Germany to lead the process of political and fiscal unions. With Britain maintaining its euro-skeptical status and France and Italy immersed in political crisis, there remains little hope that the Eurozone will ever become […]

Andalusia’s New Generation?

Andalusia, the largest and most populated Autonomous Community (let me rather say Federal State) in Spain, has recently switched Presidents, from the former José Antonio Griñán to the current Susana Díaz. Many voices claim in Spain’s Socialist Party that a New Generation of leaders is taking over. This article reviews the caliber of this so-called […]

How an EU-US Free Trade Agreement Will Affect the Energy Sector

By Sonja van Renssen/Energy Post: Two weeks ago, the second round of negotiations for an EU-US free trade agreement took place. Energy has not been making headlines in the context of these talks, but a TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) will have far-reaching implications for the energy sector, e.g. with regard to oil sands, LNG […]

Government on the Backs of the People

Vast numbers of Americans are angry at the U.S. Government. Even more are frustrated by it. In total in September 2013, some 77 percent of all Americans report being either angry or frustrated at the Government ( And that was before the screw ups with the Affordable Care Act. One explanation for this extraordinary level […]

The Big Iran Deal

The Iran deal is a good deal for the U.S., Europe and for Iran. It suggests a shake up of the Middle East and a plausible belief in the likelihood of a major deal in six months. The deal with Iran happened on Iranian President Rouhani’s 99th day in office. Obviously taken with the idea of measuring a […]

The Republic’s King

Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest nations. It became a Kingdom when it split from the Kingdom of León in 1143. It has been a Republic since 1910. As in many other Republics there is a heir to the throne who claims to be the legitimate successor of the once upon a time King. Dom […]

Bitcoins, Dollars and Renminbi

Reports indicate strong Bitcoin interest in China.  BTC, the China-based Bitcoin exchange accounts (trading a third of all Bitcoin transactions, while China may account to close to half of the daily turnover,  according to some internet reports) at an estimated 200k Bitcoins a day. Registered participants on BTC is reportedly near 10k and rising quickly […]

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