Think Thanks. The Good and the Bad Ones

When learned economists err in what they say and write, we can continue the discussion on substantive grounds. However, we have a major problem when they know how the facts stand but nevertheless publicly say and write something different because it serves certain ideas shared by narrow elites, or because they are paid by interest […]

Save If Failure Impending

Yesterday the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the too big to fail problem. Ordinarily a hearing includes a couple of witnesses chosen by the majority who say one thing and one or two witnesses chosen by the minority who say exactly the opposite thing. In this, however, it was hard to tell who […]

Just How Helpful is Inflation?

According to one widely adopted class of economic models, raising the inflation rate would be one of the most helpful things that could happen to economies in the situation currently faced by Japan and the U.S. Here I describe some new research relevant for testing that theory. With the short-term interest rate stuck near zero […]

Tesla: ‘False Profits’ and a Bullish Market

It’s been a great year for Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), which everyone’s eyeing for a takeover: the company’s stock is up 194% this year, it’s recorded its first ever quarterly profits, and it just paid off a government loan nine years early. It’s even earned itself the moniker “America’s fourth automaker”. Shareholders are ecstatic and […]

A Breakthrough for Asian Integration?

There has been a surge of interest in the conclusion of mega-regional trade deals in the past few years. The United States, as part of its pivot to Asia strategy, pressed ahead with serious negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in 2011 at the APEC Summit in Honolulu. The ASEAN+6 group of nations (ASEAN plus Australia, […]

Roubini and Bremmer on Charlie Rose: Unveiling New Abnormal

After the Great Recession, commentators have espoused their idea of the “New Normal”—a post-growth era of stagnant developed economies. But is it so simple? Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer appeared on Charlie Rose to discuss their take on what the new paradigm will be like. Roubini differentiated what he is calling the “New Abnormal”: “Our point […]

De-Risking Revisited

Until the recent bout of financial-market turbulence, a variety of risky assets (including equities, government bonds, and commodities) had been rallying since last summer. But, while risk aversion and volatility were falling and asset prices were rising, economic growth remained sluggish throughout the world. Now the global economy’s chickens may be coming home to roost. […]

Renewable Energy will Overtake Natural Gas by 2016 – IEA

At its second annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report, the International Energy Agency, (IEA) said that by 2016 clean energy will overtake natural gas to become the second largest source of energy in the world behind coal. In 2012 global renewable energy generation grew by 8%, far exceeding expectations. This rate of growth is predicted […]

The Czech Economy That Didn’t Bounce?

The Czech republic has been making the news recently. On the one hand the country has been on the receiving end of massive, devastating floods, while on the other the country’s government was brought to the brink of collapse (and beyond)  by the resignation  of Prime Minister Petr Necas following the arrest of one of his most trusted aides on corruption charges. After the […]

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