Strauss on CNBC: Drug-Testing Post Was a Question of ‘Equity’

Steven Strauss sat down with CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla to delve into his provocative post on inequality between the treatment of welfare aid recipients and corporate aid recipients, suggesting that while he is not “for” drug testing, simple equality suggests that if the unemployed are being tested, then there is no reason not to test bank CEOs receiving federal bailouts.

“I can’t tell if you’re serious or not … if this is a real argument or a tactical argument.” Quintanilla noted, amid plenty of lively debate on the internet.

“It was really more an argument of equity that we’re all Americans, we’re all citizens, we’re all equal,” explained Strauss. “I just can’t see the argument why you would test the unemployed but not test people who are receiving corporate aid.”

Strauss rebuked Quintanilla’s suggestion that corporations already do drug test their personnel, noting a 2010 WSJ article in which bank leadership claimed not to test senior management. (We will award bonus points to anyone who can share the article in the comments section.)

Here’s a grab from the original post:

For a variety of reasons, I believe drug testing of aid recipients is bad policy; the tests are often inaccurate, several courts believe these laws violate our constitutional rights, and so on. But if we’re going to require it, let’s test our corporate welfare recipients as well as ordinary Americans.

You can watch the video here, or view it below. Read Steven’s recent post on this topic here.