Betting on Tuesday’s Winners

Obama will win on Tuesday. But there will be two other “really big winners.”

David Axelrod, Senior Strategist to the Obama campaign, has promised to shave his moustache of 33 years if the President loses Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania.

I’ll do him better. I’ll shave off my moustache of 54 years if the President does not win the entire election. Obama seems a sure winner, at least in the Electoral College. My bet is that he will surprise by the strength of his victory.

Everything has fallen into place for the President. He got to look and act like the country’s leader courtesy of hurricane Sandy. The recent job reports have gone his way. Gas prices, nationwide, have not been this low since 2008. The Consumer Confidence Index in October was at its highest level for any month in 2012. The S&P Case-Shiller home price indexes show seven straight months of price appreciation. The Institute for Supply Management index and the new order index both increased by two points in October.

Of course, all the attention on Election day will be on the presidential race. But there are going to be even bigger winners and losers than Obama and Romney.

The “Really Big Winners,” as Ed Sullivan used to say about his TV program, will be Bill Clinton and Chris Christie.

Bill Clinton has been campaigning ceaselessly to re-elect the President. Along the way, he has picked up an awful lot of ‘chits.’ He can cash those chits in 2016 to win support for his wife to be the next Democratic candidate.

Governor Christie managed to endear himself to moderate Republicans as well as Democrats through his fulsome praise of the President’s hurricane relief work. Despite his assurances that he will vote for Romney, he is now seen as the Republican that Democrats can work with – the man who could bring the country together again.

Not to be too cynical, his boost for the President will help defeat Mitt Romney. That puts Governor Christie as the leading candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016.

It could be a Clinton-Christie race. It won’t be a Romney bid for re-election. My moustache is counting on that.