Biden and Ryan Clash on Economy, and Everything Else

Following a debate that was as full of fireworks as the previous week’s presidential debate had been full of sham-wows, the media focused on the contrasting affects of the two candidates during their jousts on foreign policy, Medicare, women’s health and, most relevant here, fiscal policy.

Over at Zero Hedge, “Tyler Durden” writes that:

CNBC’s Gary ‘Golden Gloves’ Kaminsky not only pointed out the dismal reality of our political class but explained, in his out loud voice – which we assumed was typically suppressed for career-limiting reasons – exactly what he thinks of Joe Biden and what he would have done had be been sat next to him on that table. In saying what we suspect a lot of readers may have felt, Kaminsky exposes the underbelly; as like many of Wall Street who are ‘compelled’ to give politicians money (Biden has raised the great majority of his funds from financial services firms) hearing the hypocritical “wall-street-vs-main-street” double-talk and ‘nasty’ laughing and smirking last night made the ex-PM angry. Impressed at Ryan’s calm, Kaminsky sums it all up, about Biden: “I would have punched the guy in the face!” – the truth.

Robert Reich, on the other hand, declares a clear victory for Vice President Joe Biden:

On taxes, Ryan couldn’t come up with any details about what loopholes he and Romney would close, or how their magic arithmetic (giant tax cut for the wealthy plus $2 trillion more for the military than the Joint Chiefs of Staff want) can possibly be paid for without socking it to the middle class.

By contrast, Biden made the case for average working people whose wages have barely risen in thirty years but who are bearing a higher total tax burden (payroll, sales, property, income) on a higher percent of their income than high rollers like Romney — and why the well off should do more.

Relive the zingers, affronts, retorts and evasions at C-SPAN.

3 Responses to "Biden and Ryan Clash on Economy, and Everything Else"

  1. DiranM   October 14, 2012 at 1:49 am

    Nice opposing commentary from Tyler Durden and Robert Reich. Biden represents the old and worn. Ryan, the new and upcoming.

  2. Edward Stevens   October 15, 2012 at 6:31 am

    Gee: One of Biden's sons was a distributor for Alan Sanford and the other was chief lobbyist for MBNA. And if Joe Biden has neighbors in Claymont — that's news to me.