Underinvested, Underperforming Pros Drive Rally

Whenever we see a major market move,t here are always a series of post hoc analyses, explanations and rationales.

They are never convincing to me. Why? Because the narratives tend to try to tell a story that gives us comfort, rather than determine what actually happened and why.

Consider yesterdays 244 point pop. The talking heads claimed it was either:

-Draghi finally doing something to save the Euro;

-The Fed’s open ended response to economic weakness;

-The market getting comfortable with the prospects of an Obama win;

-Markets had over-compensated for an earnings decline;

-Prospects of a huge China stimulus

-ADP data suggests that perhaps the economy is okay.

To each of the data points, I say bullocks!

There simply is nothing new in any one of those items that wasn’t a) well known and/or b) expected or c) easily deduced by simply looking at history.

What did cause the rally? I don’t know, and mostly, I don’t care. That is really the worng question for investors to be asking themselves. After the fact explanations are worthless, and Day -to-day action is primarily noise. (If you want to look at charts, try using weekly data instead. More signal, less noise).

However, since you have already read this far, and are mostly unsatisfied with my explanation why all the other explanations are wrong, let me point you to one very interesting factor: Underperformance.

In yesterday morning’s reads, I included the chart below from the WSJ. (PM reads had a different chart from the same article). The piece, titled More Gains, Even More Pain:  Summer Rally Puts the Hurt on Defensive Hedge- and Mutual-Fund Managers showed just how far behind — and therefor under-invested in equities — these pros must be.

Stock oriented hedge funds are charging 2% + 20% of the profits for their YTD returns of under 3%. Mutual funds that focus on large cap stocks are up YTD less than 7%. Oh, and those of you who index are up YTD 13%.

If you want an explanation as to what is driving stock prices, that is as good as any . . .



Summer Rally Puts the Hurt on Defensive Hedge- and Mutual-Fund Managers

Source: WSJ

This post was originally published at The  Big Picture and is reproduced here with permission.

One Response to "Underinvested, Underperforming Pros Drive Rally"

  1. barf   September 7, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    then perhaps you should ask the questions that they are asking before they buy. the first that comes to mind is "where are we in the business cycle"? indeed…that is the only one, is it not? clearly we've gone through "the worst recession since the Great Depression." If we look at mail volume, the cost of electricity, the amount of gasoline being consumed, housing, etc, etc…we are in a far worse downturn than that. Having said that this was anticipated by both the Fed and the Federal Government as a whole…hence "the biggest counter cyclical economic policies since World War II." and yet still…people are surprised at how little it takes for the market to rally. Sure we can look at a more conspiratorial point of view (the Fed has rigged the entire equity market)…which of course is as patently ridiculous as it is false. The more obvious answer even in spite of the worst recovery since WWII is that the policy has succeed beyond imagination. Of course "at what cost"? You did write Bailout Nation did you not? How can you possibly say as you did on your site that "the Government is smaller under Barak Obama"? We're borrowing up to 100 billion a week! "No" you say? "This isn't Government"? REALLY? Give us a friggin' break Barry. The Interest on the DEFICIT alone is enough to fund healthcare for entire States in the Union. Don't even get me started on the debt of course….