The Economic Crisis, Failing Orthodoxies and New Policy Principles

One Response to "The Economic Crisis, Failing Orthodoxies and New Policy Principles"

  1. lisa   September 27, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    I thought this article was just absolutely excellent. Some top political leaders may want to really read some of Wood's writings and apply themselves to some effective decision making processes. Perhaps they could even pay attention to an earlier article in May 2012 by Mr. Wood by acknowledging "The need for a broad framework for policy analysis and decision". Mr. Wood really can't do their jobs for them. Political leaders need to start assuming some responsibility, make some REAL decisions, and do some real mental work for a change, rather than just passing the buck! Focusing on political marketing issues that only affect the next election is a real sorry excuse for not doing a real job that requires real planning, analytical thinking and real effective decisions that affect millions and billions. I mean people not money. The immediate and future effects on people and nations are really what are the most relevant economic issues.