The Trouble with Holland and Hollande

I am sure the Dutch Consul General in Turkey is extremely disappointed. You can find out why he is disappointed in my latest Hurriyet Daily News column. I am not sure if this is my best column; I will actually argue below that it is far from being that, but it is certainly one of […]

India: Drama of the Outlook Downgrade

Here is the S&P announcement on downgrading the outlook on India’s lowest investment grade credit rating. By and large, I think it is a reasonable decision. I am not ‘shocked‘. It is interesting that the linked BS article talks of Indian FinMin officials expecting an upgrade. That shows how far they are out of touch […]

A Nascent Growth Pact Begins to Take Shape

The agenda in the euro zone is changing. The likely outcome of the weekend elections in Greece and France are just as much an effect as a cause of the shift in the agenda. For the first time since the crisis began, the German insistence on austerity is complemented by the push for a growth […]

The Dutch Left’s Embrace of the Austerity Suicide Pact: It’s Necessary for the Children!

A remarkable, and terrible, thing has just taken place in the Netherlands of which few Americans are aware.  The ruling Dutch political coalition collapsed when the ultra-right wing party (the Freedom Party, led by Geert Wilders) refused to support its coalition partners’ austerity package (calling for tax increases and reduced government expenditures).  Wilders is best […]

Is Personal Income Growth (Finally) Stabilizing?

For the second month in a row, personal disposable income (DPI) grew at a faster rate, advancing 0.4% in March—the best pace so far this year, according to today’s update from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. It’s also the first month since December that DPI growth exceeded the increase in personal consumption expenditures, which […]

Growth Chill About to Hit the US

At the start of 2012, the consensus view was for a mild recession in the Euro Area, deceleration of growth in emerging markets (with a soft landing in China) and below trend growth in the US. In late January, we ascribed an 80% probability that the US is on the brink of a recession with […]

Spain Is the New Greece

Nearly one Spaniard in four is unemployed, according to data released on Friday, as the country’s economic and financial predicament prompted a government minister to talk of a “crisis of enormous proportions”.The data from the National Statistics Institute showed 367,000 people lost their jobs in the first three months of the year. At this pace, […]

Sluggish U.S. Growth Continues

The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported Friday that U.S. real GDP grew at a 2.2% annual rate during the first quarter, down from the 3.0% growth of 2011:Q4, and below the 2.4-2.9% range that the FOMC indicated yesterday it is anticipating for 2012 as a whole. I see some reasons to agree with the Fed […]


We thought we would kick off the week with some thoughts from the EconoMonitor community.  Here is what’s on the minds of our esteemed group of EconoMonitor bloggers.  We would love to hear your feedback and what’s on your mind. Spain: It’s The Mortgage Book, Stupid! -Edward Hugh (Don’t Shoot the Messenger) I have spent […]

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