Financial Repression – Indian Style

As the Indian economy shows distinct signs of slowdown and with the politically and financially challenged government clearly on the back foot, 2012 has witnessed a series of announcements and actions that shows that financial repression is alive and kicking in India. Although the last quarter of the current financial year (FY2012) is yet to […]

Latin America’s Expanding Definition of National Security

Two reports came out recently from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Council of the Americas (COA), both looking at Latin America and framing their substance as “national security” concerns. The first from CSIS, “Police Reform in Latin America: Implications for U.S. Policy,” describes how police reform has become a mainstay […]

Bets on China – The Economist Sees (and Raises)

The Free Exchange blog at The Economist has accepted my bet, and very cleverly (the bastards!) they have added a second one.  For two years I have been arguing that a Chinese rebalancing will require much slower GDP growth rates than we currently think possible and, working backwards from annual consumption growth rates of 7-8%, […]

Insurance or Redistribution?

Mark Thoma makes an important point about the “individual mandate” that applies equally well to health care and to Social Security: “I don’t see anything wrong with asking people to pay the expected value of their health care — a mandate to get insurance to cover the catastrophic things that society would cover in any […]

Window Dressing or Something More?

Many people seem to be crediting the market’s resilience to factors such as end of the month/quarter window dressing. I remain unconvinced. There has been a solid bid under this markets since October, goosed every time Ben Bernanke thinks about any form of liquidity. If he so much as eases himself into a hot bath, […]

Economics Bloggers Forum 2012 – Live Streaming

Today, the Kauffman Foundation is hosting the fourth annual Economics Bloggers Forum in Kansas City, MO. The live stream of the event and schedule can be found here. EconoMonitor’s Rebecca Wilder has been invited to the festivities and is in attendance.  

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