Five Long-Term Unemployment Questions

By Anna W:

Tomorrow is (yet again) NFP day. While everyone is worrying about whether the December numbers were merely seasonal, we should also consider some of the longer term trends in Unemployment. These have major repercussions for Retail Sales and the ongoing Housing Weakness.

Fortunately, Pew Trusts gave us a full overview:
How Long Have the Unemployed Been Jobless?


Where are the Long-Term Unemployed?
Total and Long-Term Unemployment by Census Division, Quarter 4, 2011


Labor Force and Unemployed Populations by Age, Education and Race/Ethnicity, Quarter 4, 2011


Long-Term Unemployment as a Percentage of the Total Unemployed


Are Workers Being Laid Off Permanently?

Permanent and Temporary Layoffs as a Percentage of the Total Unemployed

Source: Pew Trusts

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2 Responses to "Five Long-Term Unemployment Questions"

  1. sierra7   February 7, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    The last graph, "Permanent" layoffs is truly scary!
    But, that's the horror lurking in the dark corner of this whole financial debacle:
    Without good jobs we will get nowhere in "solving" our current economic crisis.

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