Some Fresh Insights and Some Questions

The key dynamic continues to be the extremely strong growth in corporate earnings versus rather mediocre economic data.  The bearish take on this has been to focus on the “economic headwinds” and the political climate.  This has worked.  In my travels I talk with individual investors — mostly affluent and Republican.  These people are uniformly bearish for political reasons.

It is difficult to explain that people should be politically agnostic.  I want to make money on my investments no matter who is in power.  Don’t you?

The misplaced emphasis on politics will be very expensive for most investors.  If you read the article last week, you would already be showing a profit.

Meanwhile, some pundits continue to dismiss the strong record of corporate earnings growth, achieved even with a modest economy.  What do they think will happen if things really improve?

A Few Questions

When I left on my trip, there were various predictions about the imminent demise of stock prices.  It would be interesting to see if anyone has a revised opinion based upon the change in the data.  Since I have only had time to read about facts, not opinions, perhaps my readers can help out.

Has anyone changed opinions with the changing evidence on the following:

  • The Dow Theory Sell Signal
  • The 200-day moving average crossover in the S&P
  • The Death Cross (probably not reversed yet?)
  • Dr. Copper
  • Earnings misses due to excessive optimism
  • Euro/Dollar parity leading to collapse of European Union and all stocks
  • Elliott wave pattern — presumably has been adjusted?

At least some of the doomsayers from only two weeks ago seem to be on the wrong side.  Have any remained true to their indicators and changed their viewpoint, or have they found new sources of skepticism?

I am interested in two different camps:

  1. Those who had bearish takes on one or more of the indicators and changed opinions with the change in the data;
  2. Those who ignored improved data or moved on to new indicators.

As regular readers know, part of my book project involves analyzing online sources.  I would appreciate any comments on this subject. Current Take

We are certainly not in the clear with respect to economic growth.  I have continuing concern about housing and jobs.  I’ll do my regular employment update this week.  Where I differ from most is that I regard the worrisome news as mostly “in the market.”

The average investor continues to believe that he gains insight from reading yesterday’s news. 

Originally published at A Dash of Insight and reproduced here with the author’s permission. 

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