20 Questions

Macro Man has little to add to yesterday’s market comments, as the SPX exhibited classic back and fill price aciton as it waltzed with the 200d moving average. It therefore seems to be an appropriate time to play another game of 20 questions:

1) Which will trade first: SPX 1000, or SPX 800?

2) Will the Fed do more than re-introducing a “considerable period”-type phraseology to next week’s statement?

3) Just how big will the demand be for next week’s one-year ECB tender at the policy rate?

4) Will the dollar “playa haters” who bought EUR/USD after the Fed introduced QE in March take the same attitude towards the euro if the answer to #3 is huge?

5) How concerned should the green shoots crowd be about the big downward guidance rom FedEx?

6) When will the fiscal penny drop in China?

7) What in the world is the SNB trying to do?

8) Which trades first in front contract crude: $50 or $100?

9) When will Macro Man’s beloved Pittsburgh Pirates next win more games than they lose?

10) Is it safe to get back into the LIBOR-contract carry trades?

11) Who will be the first G4 central bank to raise interest rates?

12) When will they do it?

13) When oh when will cross-market correlations normalize?

14) Is it just Macro Man, or have UK commuter train services been drastically cut back over the last few months?

15) When and where will the US household savings rate peak?

16) Has everyone forgotten about the impending avalanche of ARM resets in the US in 2010 and 2011?

17) Was this month’s Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey written in Pamplona?

18) Surely this marks the top in gold?

19) Will the CNY ever move again?

20) Why oh why do London cyclists seem to think that the rules of the road apply to everybody but them?

Originally published at Macro Man and reproduced here with the author’s permission.

2 Responses to "20 Questions"

  1. Arthur Schopenhauer   June 18, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    When will they understand, instead of thinking they know?

  2. Nick Marshall   June 20, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Answers:1.10002.Who cares – the Fed follows the mrket3.Dont know4.Euro will follow equity markets up or down5.Very6.With government? Never7.What banks usually try to do8.$509.Not relevant10.When is it ever safe?11.Who cares – central banks do not lead the market12.Soon13.What is normal? Robert Prechters “All the same market” scenario is good enough for me14. Dont know but sounds right15. Several years from now16. Probably17. Why would anyone be interested?18. An excellent pointer19.When PRC becomes a market economy20.We have kamikaze Japanese cyclists in Cairns – its probably universal.