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Some readers have emphasized how the current economic and financial situation leaves them feeling powerless.  Others complain that it’s hard for outsiders even to understand the process through which ideas are debated and become policies – how Capitol Hill really works is a fascinating mystery at many levels.

This morning we’re extending our efforts to address these issues with the launch of The Hearing, a new blog at the Washington Post.  James and I are the moderators and we’ll focus the discussion around Congressional hearings – including the broader debates in which these are situated.

The Post has great impact in Washington and it’s our hope that The Hearing will allow you to express ideas in ways and at a time that can have real effects on policies.  For this reason, we’ll preview public events and provide ways for you to suggest questions that need to be heard.  At the very least, we can all learn more about what is happening and exactly why.

We’re open to suggestion regarding the exact format, guest contributors, and generally how to make The Hearing more effective.  We will, of course, keep BaselineScenario as our primary outlet for opinions and analysis – The Hearing is intended to be complementary, by bringing your voices into the specifics of idea flow through Congress.  We’ll tell you here when you should consider going to look there.

My first post deals with tomorrow’s JEC hearing on “Is Big Finance Too Big To Save”?  I preview what Joe Stiglitz and Thomas Hoenig are likely to say (based on their racing form), and I anticipate where the discussion will go – or at least where I will try to push it, as I’m on the panel also.

If you have points or questions you want raised, please post them here or on the Post’s site.  There’s no guarantee your issues will be taken up, of course, but my guess is that this new forum will help sensible requests – of the kind often seen here – gain broader traction.

Originally published at the Baseline Scenario and reproduced here with the author’s permission.

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