The economic collapse in whimsical poetic form – Vega

Demand for goods has gone away
Workers are furloughed or fired
Their mortgages, too high to pay
In a bubble, homes acquired
Keynes says the government must spend
Fiscal stimulus is the game
Listen up and comprehend
This collapse just isn’t the same
Atop a pyramid of debt
The world economy has grown
For 40 years we bought and bet
But now we reap what we have sown
A trillion here, a trillion there
The treasury sells bills and notes
They loan and spend to lend a prayer
How much can they force down our throats?
China cried uncle, stop! they plead
Russians say the bonds will fall
So where are the buyers we need?
The Fed, the Fed will buy them all!
Inflation?  Deflation?  What’s next?
Is the safe haven cash or gold?
Investors are more than perplexed
When the future is Fed controlled

Originally published at Risk Over Reward blog and reproduced here with the author’s permission.