Bottom Up! Tomorrow’s “Real Economy”

Do you ever get the feeling like there’s got to be something more to what you’re doing?

You’ve taken the time to become economically, politically and socially minded.   You read all the popular mainstream websites. …and then your knowledge grows. …and so does your thirst.  You find yourself discovering an entire world of eclectic websites and blogs devoted to covering the news in a far more detailed way. Over a short period of time, you see these websites form something like a secret society, where its community is devoted to truth and reality.  You are drawn in because you now see through the lies and misguided notions that the media was selling/telling you.  You see how the powerful people, companies and governments have created powerful illusions that have helped them shape a society that best benefits them and their power.  …and you, like everyone else, decided it was time for that to change!

So that’s why you’re here!  Great!   …now what?

So you sit in front of your computer and wonder: “What can I do?”, “what am I getting out of this?”, “how can this help anyone?”, “what good is coming from all that I’ve read and contributed?”, “is anyone even listening…………….”      …and finally “why do I bother?”

…and then along came the BrainTrust.

The BrainTrust – RealEconomy  (site:  BrainTrust@RealEconomy.Org)


“We are going to build and use grass-roots power to influence the evolution of the global economy.” – (the mission statement for the Brain Trust)

The Internet is the most remarkable tool of the 21st century. Its ability to reach every corner of the world, and offer education/insight/knowledge is historically unparalleled. As a tool, the internet is the 21st century’s version of the hammer! …and now it is time to start building something with it.  The unfortunate truth of today’s Blogs is that they are not effectively converting great ideas into reality.  Think of all the great posts you’ve written, that just roll off the screen and are gone forever. No more!

The BrainTrust is building the next evolutionary step of the Blog, (which will exceed the originally intended purpose of blogging) where good ideas stay and become tangible reality. The BrainTrust’s collaboration system is a specialized hammer designed expressly to help us originate, develop, refine, promote and then implement our grass root ideas about the economic future we want.

The BrainTrust is building the tools that will enable us to marshal the collective genius of the Internet, and use that genius to conduct a well-organized, massive collaboration of hundreds or even thousands of thoughtful, capable people.

Tapping the Collective Genius

Why me? “What am I getting out of this?” “How can this help anyone?” “What good is coming from all that I’ve read and contributed?”, “Is anyone even listening…………….”      …and “Why do I bother?”

Indifference and complacency are what allowed us to all become victims to a societal breakdown that should never have taken place.  Rather then wallow in self pity, and absorb this undiscriminating pain without doing anything, it is time to draw a line in the sand.  It is time for action.  Your part in making a difference will amount to how willing you are to participate.  What you put in will be your distinctive view on how the economy of tomorrow will be shaped.

What you get out is a facts-based, thorough definition of the fundamental forces driving our economy. You won’t just know that our economy is crashing; you’ll know what forces are at work, and where they are pushing us. Once you understand what the forces are, you can decide how to react to them – you can be pro-active.  You will come away with a new set of knowledge that will leave you better prepared to deal with tomorrow and whatever it brings.  This will be a unique, grass-roots think tank, aimed at microeconomics that will likely play out all around you in your everyday life.

Existing think tank’s like John Podesta’s Center for American Progress have been instrumental in guiding/forming/creating modern day policies.  Rather then being politically motivated, the BrainTrust@RealEconomy.Org will look to be MOTIVATED BY ECONOMIC FUNDAMENTALS?.  Rather then getting caught in the narrow scope of our bureaucratic ideals, a natural expansion of creative/progressive thinking will emerge.

The strategy-overview article from the BrainTrust debuts in early April. A week later, the BrainTrust commences delivery of a series of easy-to-understand pieces that identify what’s happening in the economy, where we’re going, and most importantly what to DO about it. There’s plenty for everyone to do – exciting, challenging and reward work that actually DOES stuff. It’s going to be a great time – and everyone is invited to join in. Inquire here if you’re interested – in a few weeks we’ll set up a more “official” way to join up.

All the best,

Miss America

Carpe Diem!  It would be a real tragedy to waste the Internet!  The Internet helped us become aware of the problems we face, now let’s use it to solve those problems. The Internet helped elect a new leader for America and now we can use that same force to re-shape our economy, and do it from the Bottom Up. Help build tomorrow!

12 Responses to "Bottom Up! Tomorrow’s “Real Economy”"

  1. tutterfrut   March 30, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    MA,Are you the Outerbeltway in disguise?

  2. ex VRWC   March 30, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    MA,Great intro. Thanks for writing it. Guess I get to be first and add my 2 cents.People, I can’t stress this enough – we here in the economic blogosphere are at the forefront of helping to guide the changes that will remake our economy. It won’t come from anywhere else. Our blogs are the equivalent of the salons of 1790’s France, or the Beer Halls of 1930’s Germany. Ours is an economic as well as a political crisis, as most are. But our solution lies in the economic well being of us all. The rules have changed, and we need to start acting.It has become clear that the top-down approach is ineffective if not worse. The old top-down approaches are failing before our eyes. While the leaders of the world try to make power plays in their national interest, and while the people who control the purse strings and the money flows maneuver to protect their own, we sit here at the bottom of the food chain being slowly squeezed and destroyed.Enough already. The goal of this effort to put knowledge and tools in your hands. Think of it as a combination of knowledge offered at an understandable level by smart people from all fields, action plans, and hands-on collaboration. We plan to get down and dirty with economic issues that affect you. Business building. Coaching. Accountability. Forming teams with the members best interests in mind. Contributing our thoughts to a common picture that will be meaningful and actionable – to all of us at the grass roots level.We all have a lot to offer. You have a lot to offer. All of you. A lot is at stake. Won’t you join us?

  3. tutterfrut   March 30, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    My personal initiatives so far:*Teaching my children(16 and 18) every day what I’ve learned from 3 years amidst the Roubinians and Roubinettes.*Confronting everyone who’s still talking old economic fantasies to me, with their own bullsh!t.(that’s the hardest part)*I’m keeping the seeds of the vegetables and fruit I eat and plant them in my small permaculture project. There are some marvellous youtube films about this subject, also in suburban and urban environments*Still looking for buying a farm to become selfsufficient if necessary and to share with othersin return for tangibles, emotions, knowledge,craftsmanship, help, pleasure, a safe old day(much later on).*learning*thinking*learning*thinking*learningTear this system down, from bottom up!

    • ex VRWC   March 30, 2009 at 5:26 pm

      Sounds like you have reached some conclusions about the likely future and formulated some business planning ideas already. I think some businesses of the future will revolve around many of these things you mention (ie, sharing craftsmanship, emotion, pleasure, self sufficiency)Consider for instance – I was at an Art Fair this weekend. Lots of folks sharing their personal creativity. Beautiful stuff, and in many cases fairly priced. All in an open air ‘temporary mall’. I can’t go there tomorrow and get what I wanted. Now, consider, as I drove home, I passed empty retail space after space. What is a business model that might help both the ‘itinerant craftsman’ and the retail owner. Can they be put together? How? Can the internet help?This is the type of problem we plan to put teams together to solve. What will be the ideas and ground rules of tomorrows economy, so that such businesses can thrive? How can we go from idea to action, all based on understanding and vision?I am sure you have put a lot of thought into these plans you describe. We aim to give you a venue to share those thoughts and maybe, collectively, grow and implement some ideas.

    • Free Tibet   March 31, 2009 at 6:03 am

      Teaching your children is the more important part of that.We’ve been mislead. Things we thought we knew have been proven wrong. Economic fantasies. Understanding those changes proceeds through a population. Some learn early. Others not at all. The idea is to catch the leading edge of that wave and to work with the others there to plant those seeds. We don’t all have to be farmers, but we all need to get out of Las Vegas. And we need to work with what we can carry on our backs (tangible assets).

      • tutterfrut   March 31, 2009 at 10:09 am

        Yes Free Tibet,My children have reached the age of developping their own opinions and I just try to hand them the tools to do so. They often laugh with their father but even they have to admit that things are developping the way I told them. They had some difficulties finding a job for the summer for example, but knew what was the cause without having to feel guilty if they would not have found one.And the teachers at school have great fun with my 16 year old, teaching THEM economics.And of course we do not all have to become farmers, we need internet providers too. :)It’s just that I’ve decided that for me, selfsufficiency without debt would come closest to being a free man with a free mind.

  4. blindman , mole mule clown clone armand de milo peas guest too etc.etc. not to forget did you see the transparent fish head?   March 30, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    ma & ev,you are inspirations to me and i would suggest,those who someday may arrive on the scene. iehumanity.,, March 30, 2009 3:00 pmPublic Affairstalk back.interesting and enlightening.

  5. PhilT   March 30, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    Thanks for the update and regards to OuterBeltway ..So is it a website or an EMAIL address ?

  6. OuterBeltway   March 30, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    Website: http://www.realeconomy.orgE-mail: braintrust@realeconomy.orgAll Welcome, especially you, PhilT. Where ya been??Lots going on, guys. We’re attacking on two main fronts:a. Build the tools that let us concentrate massive brainpower on one topic, so much as to burn a hole through almost any problem.b. Build a shared-image, ground-up, of what’s moving the economy, and in what direction. As we ID the forces, we find a way to relate them together into some kind of pictorial model that we can all relate to, understand, contest, and perfect. We build this picture together, we all understand it, and because we built it, we can believe it.Then we’re in a totally new place.That’s phase I.And the thing’s working, Phil. Gimpy, awkward, green ‘n buggy, it’s working.Hook up with Rich, or email the team at if you want in on it.

    • PhilT   March 30, 2009 at 7:16 pm

      Warm Greetings O.B. -Yes, it has been a while – my time has not been my own in recent months, but my interest in your project has never waned … Glad to see it has taken form and I hope that it is moving along the path you envisioned.I ‘ll visit your homepage to see what’s up.All the best –

  7. AfA   March 30, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Thank you Rich. We couldn’t have someone to make the intro better than you.Who’s bringing the champagne?

  8. Capone   April 29, 2009 at 10:03 am

    Rich and anyone else in NYC who may be interested, I will be in NYC from 5/4 – 5/8. If anyone is interested in meeting one night for drinks during the week or for lunch, let me know.