This crisis will prove that Americans are not sheep (unless we are)

Here is an excerpt of a report by Joan McCullough of East Shore Partners, 24 November 2008:

Questions: There are over 3 hundred million of us. There are only 638 of them. (435 in the House; 200 in the Senate; and the Three Stooges, Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner.)

  1. You wanna’ maybe walk me thru why we sit here and let them run roughshod over the top of us — and several, future generations of Americans, too?
  2. Can you draw me a picture of what possesses us to remain silent, having observed Wall Street pillage and plunder, making themselves fabulously wealthy in the process, setting off an unfathomable string of “unintended consequences”, noting that “unintended” is a substitute for “who gives a fig”?

Not the least of which is a credit crisis which has wreaked havoc around the globe. And which has managed to unmask glaring chinks in our financial foundation, up to and including the current crisis in Detroit, the student who can’t get money for school, the extreme financial duress of the states which, in turn, is giving rise to draconian measures, the world shipping industry at a standstill, the masses who have and who will lose jobs and the 96-year old widow who cannot transfer to assisted living as there is currently no market for her home.

We know which group and what m.o. is the root cause of all the misery. Why on earth would we allow the same group of maladjusted moon-calves to mete out the same m.o. as remedy? It is beyond imagination.

I also continue to wonder aloud why we are not already in the streets, protesting the fact that we are being robbed by the FED 24/7. While Mr. Bernanke fights demands for transparency as to what collateral and from whom it has been accepted because such revelation would be “counterproductive”, I ask this:

Do we have any idea what it means when the FED — which creates those Federal Reserve Notes which serve as our legal tender — refuses to reveal what is supporting them?

Clearly, it means that they are not proud of the collateral that they have accepted as replacement for the once-pristine backing of US Treasury bills and notes. Thus, it is reasonable to surmise that they have abused rules and regulations by accepting schlock in exchange for money, which transaction is the ultimate responsibility of John Q. Public. That alone, ladies and germs, should be enough to get your BP up.

Know this: We are easy prey and are being dispossessed by the minute. Think about that, will you? By what measure of audacity did they embark on the grand theft of the United States? By what measure of complacency do we allow them to continue to ransack our personal finances?

Perhaps the answer to her questions is that we are sheep, and unable to bear the burdens of citzenship.  Time wears away the surface of things, showing the true metal underneath.


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One Response to "This crisis will prove that Americans are not sheep (unless we are)"

  1. Anonymous   January 16, 2009 at 8:08 am

    and us poor sheep have to rely on geniuses like Joan and Fabius to pierce the higher veils for usotherwise how would we ever master hidden complexities such as the apparent fact that there are 200 senators–not 100, liked i learned in first grade.