America passes a milestone!

We now have more people employed in government than manufacturing.


—– Graph from Contrary Investor, 9 December 2008 — subscription only.

It’s a milestone.  But to what end does this road lead us?

For another perspective

See Can you see the signs of spring in the coming of winter? A note about the recession (10 September 2008).   Esp note graph #2, “US exports of goods and services as a % of GDP.”  It is often said that “the US no longer makes things.”   Not so, as exports have grown as a fraction of the US economy for 30 years.   That is important and good news.  America must earn its way in the world, and by some means other than as a largely unwanted global policeman.


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One Response to "America passes a milestone!"

  1. Lou Thomas   January 23, 2009 at 7:10 am

    Your claim that exports have grown as a fraction of the U.S. economy for years (not just in the recent recession) comes as a surprise to me. Perhaps you mean as a percentage of the GDP. But considering that the U.S. has been living on borrowed money for years, now, *net* trade has clearly had a negative, not a positive, trend, right? So, if exports are growing as a percentage of GDP, is that because GDP is shrinking relative to consumption? I say this in all ignorance – correct me if I am wrong.Industry has been exported from the U.S. to cheap labor and environmentally permissive havens for decades, and the produced goods have been re-imported. It is hard to believe that this has not compromised our ability to export our way out of this crisis.