20 Questions

On a relatively slow morning, it’s time to play another game of 20 Questions….

1) Who gets to fill Team 850’s (the new name of Team 1250) orders?

2) Could the news from Singapore get much worse?


3) Are NFL games now being fixed?

4) WTF was Mark Cuban thinking?

5) So now that consensus estimates have Goldman (gasp!) losing money in Q4 (see below), will they now play their usual games and manufacture a better-than expected result for the zillionth quarter in a row?


6) What exactly does David Cameron stand for, other than “modalities”?

7) Who knew that “change” was spelled “P-A-R-D-O-N-M-A-R-C-R-I-C-H“?

8) Would Nancy Pelosi’s head explode if China’s CIC offered, say, $50 billion for the Big 3 automakers lock, stock, and barrel?

9) Is duration a risk asset or the only realistic investment option in a deflationary environment?

10) What should be done about the Somali pirates (assuming a W-style “blow the bastards out of the water” solution is no longer acceptable)?

11) What is the blow-out in Berkshire Hathaway CDS saying (other than shorting 10 year puts on the SPX is a crappy idea)?


12) How buggered must the US consumer be if a nearly halving of gasoline prices has not managed to engender a rise in consumer confidence?

13) Does anyone know how to get an Apple Airport Express to work with a BT Home Hub wireless network and Windows PCs?

14) Where will the low be in BOE and ECB policy rates?

15) How big will the apparently-inevitable Russian devaluation be? (The chart below shows the spot basket and the 3 month forward)

` rub+fwd.gif

16) Will the SPX be higher or lower in a year’s time?

17) What would the world look like if Chine grew by only 5% next year?

18) Which trades first: $35 oil or $100 oil?

19) Who will the new Treasury Secretary be?

and finally…..

20) Will West Ham ever win a game again?

Originally published at the Macro Man blog and reproduced here with the author’s permission.