Paul Krugman: Now That’s Rich

Will Barack Obama raise taxes on the middle class? Nope:

Now That’s Rich, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: …Barack Obama wants to put tax rates on higher-income Americans more or less back to what they were under Bill Clinton; John McCain … says that means raising taxes on the middle class. …

When we think about the middle class, we tend to think of Americans whose lives are decent but not luxurious: they have houses, cars and health insurance, but they still worry about making ends meet, especially when the time comes to send the kids to college.

Meanwhile, when we think about the rich, we tend to think about the handful of people who are really, really rich — people with servants, people with so much money that, like Mr. McCain, they don’t know how many houses they own. (Remember how Republicans jeered at John Kerry for being too rich?)…

[T]o imply that everyone except the poor belongs to one of these two categories: either you’re clearly rich, or you’re an ordinary member of the middle class …[is] just wrong.

In his entertaining book “Richistan,” Robert Frank … declares that the rich aren’t just different from you and me, they live in a different, parallel country. But that country is divided into levels, and only the inhabitants of upper Richistan live like aristocrats; the inhabitants of middle Richistan lead ample but not gilded lives; and lower Richistanis live in McMansions, drive around in S.U.V.’s, and are likely to think of themselves as “affluent” rather than rich.

Even these arguably not-rich, however, live in a different financial universe from … ordinary members of the middle class: they have lots of disposable income after paying for the essentials, and they don’t lose sleep over expenses, like insurance co-pays and tuition bills, that can seem daunting to many working American families.

Which brings us to the dispute about tax policy.

Mr. McCain wants to preserve almost all the Bush tax cuts, and add to them by cutting taxes on corporations. Mr. Obama wants to roll back the … cuts in tax rates on the top two income brackets and … on income from dividends and capital gains — and use some of that money to reduce taxes lower down the scale.

According to … the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, those Obama tax increases would fall overwhelmingly on people with incomes of more than $200,000 a year. Are such people rich? Well, maybe not: some of those Mr. Obama proposes taxing are only denizens of lower Richistan, although the really big tax increases would fall on upper Richistan. But one thing’s for sure: Mr. Obama isn’t planning to raise taxes on the middle class, by any reasonable definition — even that of the Bush administration. …

[I]n May, the Treasury Department — which used to do serious tax studies, but these days just churns out Bush administration propaganda — released a report purporting to show, by looking at the tax bills of four hypothetical families, how the middle and working class would be hurt if the Bush tax cuts aren’t made permanent. …

It turns out that Treasury’s hypothetical families got all their gains from the so-called middle-class provisions of the Bush tax cuts: the Child Tax Credit, the reduced tax bracket for lower incomes and marriage penalty relief. … In other words, the Bush administration itself implicitly defines the middle class as … people making too little to end up paying additional taxes under the Obama plan.

Of course, all the evidence in the world won’t stop Republicans from claiming, as they always do, that Democrats are going to impose a crippling tax burden on ordinary hard-working Americans. But it just ain’t so.

Originally published at Economist’s View and reproduced here with the author’s permission.

47 Responses to "Paul Krugman: Now That’s Rich"

  1. kevincalgary   August 28, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    anyone here?

  2. Armando   August 29, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Mr. Krugman is truly an idiot, and I’m sure a very well paid one. He’s probably one of those guys that is so up on the Richistan level that he doesn’t care about the rest of us supposedly “rich” that are truly middle class. But that is exactly the mindset of Obama and company (who is another one that is TRULY rich).One thing is for sure: Obama will not do anything to dent the TRULY rich (like himself, Krugman, and yes, Mr. McCain). What he will do is milk the upper middle class, of which I consider myself a part. We are hard working professionals who deserve every penny we make. We cannot evade taxes like the previously mentioned individuals. So we will be Obama’s CASH COWS to milk going forward. I just wish I could leave this country!

  3. Donna Osmond   August 29, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    Armando: So stop whining and leave, already. Nobody’s stopping you. Upper middle class professionals such as yourself are in demand in many countries. You can easily live and work in Costa Rica, Belize and many other tax-advantaged countries.You “deserve every penny you make”, huh? So you shouldn’t have to pay tax, and everybody else, especially those who earn less (and aren’t as “deserving”), should pay all they can? Read the article again. While you’re at it, read Krugman again – you obviously don’t get what he has been talking about for the past several years, that Bush’s insane spend-&-cut-taxes-for-the-rich risks fiscal disaster. Which has now come to pass.Who the hell cares that you don’t like paying taxes? You think you’re different than anyone else? Get a life.