For LatAm, QE3 Impact on Financial Risk Is Key

The Fed’s QE3 will have varying effects by country in LatAm; however, there are a few broad strokes that color the region. QE3 comes at a moment when growth is weak across the board and policy action is widely needed. What QE3 signifies for LatAm, in this context, is not only related to the added […]

September Will Be a Doozy Again This Year

Before you take off for your August holiday, you should probably be aware of what you’ll be coming back to in the eurozone (EZ) in September (warning: the following may make you decide not to come back). For the second September in a row, developments in the EZ have the potential to be highly dramatic, […]

ECB Will Build a Bridge…But to Where?

All eyes are on the ECB governing council meeting on August 2nd to see exactly what Mario Draghi meant last week when he pledged that the ECB would preserve the euro. The way the markets have rallied off the back of this statement, it seems that investors think that the ECB is poised to intervene […]

A Spanish Bailout? Don’t Hold Your Breath

From the guardian: It is a rule of thumb among eurozone crisis observers that the more something is denied by officials, the more likely it is to happen. With Spain’s borrowing costs at euro-area record highs, its officials insist it will not need a full bailout programme. To most of us, however, it seems no longer […]

EU Summit: Some Good Progress, But Any Game Changers?

This EU summit marked many firsts for eurozone crisis era EU summits: it was the first time Greece hasn’t been discussed in years, it was the first time Italy and Spain bonded together and it was the first time President Hollande attended an EU summit. By dinner time on Thursday, the EU summit seemed a […]

EFSF/ESM Bond Buying in Primary Market Not Much Better

I’ve already explained why EFSF/ESM secondary market bond purchases wouldn’t really help. One of the ideas floating around the EU summit is that the EFSF/ESM can buy bonds in the primary markets. While this would be more effective in terms of reducing borrowing costs and buying time, it is unlikely to buy enough time to […]

Angela’s Ashes: Could a Slowdown in German Growth Save the Euro?

Athens to Madrid: back to you Following the June 17 elections, Greece seems set to be governed by a broad, awkward coalition formed by the center-right New Democracy party, its historical rival, the center-left Pasok, and several small parties. A consequence of this electoral outcome is that Greece is less likely to exit the eurozone […]

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