What to Watch for 2013: MENA Edition

2012 has been quite another rollercoaster year for the Middle East, including rocky transitions, flareups and protracted conflict. Meanwhile the region finally started benefitting from the lagged effect of higher oil prices. 2013 will no doubt bring more of the same, particularly as populations and leaders struggle to begin responding to economic grievances. Clockwise from […]

QE3: Buoying the GCC

The Economonitor’s QE3 week is perfect timing as we’ve been thinking a lot about the effects of the latest bouts of global monetary stimulus on the Middle East and North Africa – as summarized in part of our omnibus MENA quarterly presentation. We argue there that even though EMs and to a lesser extent frontier […]

A Week in Sovereign Wealth: From Nigeria to Qatar

Its been an important week for two funds at different ends of the sovereign investment risk tolerance spectrum – Nigeria and Qatar, both of which have sparked a series of headlines and have intentionally or not taken some new strides. The Nigerian governors breaking the deadlock on the country’s new US$1 billion fund and Qatar […]

QIA: A Taste for Commodities

In the last month, even as markets have sold off on worsening macro news, many SWF watchers in the press remain  agog over the recent flurry of purchases by the Qatar Investment Authority across the commodities space, particularly the energy sector, as well as some other extensive purchases.  It seems a good time (if a […]

WEF Davos: Sub-Saharan Africa – Next Growth Hub?

With all eyes on Europe, the unresolved sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone is certainly taking the center stage of this year’s World Economic Forum summit in Davos themed “The Great Transformation: Shaping new models”. However, those looking for hope and growth potential seem to look to Africa, hence the role of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) […]

Saudi Arabia: Planning a Cutback?

Saudi Arabia’s budget plan, announced December 26, is counter to trend in one important way – it is the first time in the last decade the Kingdom plans to spend less in the coming year than in the previous year. If it is implemented, and RGE thinks it will be difficult for economic officials to […]

A Taste for RMB in Africa…

While the focus at today’s South African reserve bank (SARB) meeting was on the central bank’s dovish tilt, Governor Marcus was also questioned on whether South Africa’s newfound BRICS cooperation extended to currency coordination with China – in other words, would or has South Africa joined the throng of countries considering to add RMB to […]

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