Urbanization Cannot Explain China’s Imbalanced Growth Model

In the latest example of what we have dubbed “the most over-hyped theme in emerging markets,” the Carnegie Endowment’s Yukon Huang defends China’s imbalanced growth model as a natural consequence of rapid urbanization in an FT Alphavile guest post. He writes, “urbanization largely explains both the decline in labor’s share of income and the increase […]

Canada: Of Resource Investment and ‘Net Benefit’s

Two important pieces of news for the Canadian resource sector were announced today, both reference in some way the “net benefit” clause for investment in Canada, one at a national level (Nexen-CNOOC), the other at a provincial (National Gateway pipeline review), both important to Canadian and global resource supply chains. First, the proposed takeover of Nexen […]

Myanmar and China’s Complex Relationship

With political and economic reforms being pressed forward, Myanmar continues to astound the international community with the degree of changes being implemented by the government. As Western nations prepare to suspend and lift sanctions on Myanmar, questions arise as to the reasons motivating the many political actors for the quick change of course. Although a […]

Bo’s Fall and the Macau Web

Bo Xilai, the former Party secretary of the municipality of Chongqing, was removed from his post on March 15 after a flurry of rumors dominated the lianghui (two-sessions) of the National People’s Congress (NPC) and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) about Bo’s demise. Rumors swirled in the opening days of the two sessions after the South China […]

Canada’s Trade Ties: Harper Heads to China

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to China today on a much-anticipated trip, his first since 2009, when his trip was far overshadowed by President Obama’s first trip. He has the privilege of being one of the first global leaders to visit China after the holiday period, though we expect Chinese leaders will again be […]

China’s Statistical Failures

For China’s onlookers, it is no surprise that official data can sometimes befuddle even the most capable of minds. Yet, China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is not blind to its reputation for less than spotless data collection and release. A brief exploration into China’s economic indicators can reveal much insight into the dilemmas the […]

A Taste for RMB in Africa…

While the focus at today’s South African reserve bank (SARB) meeting was on the central bank’s dovish tilt, Governor Marcus was also questioned on whether South Africa’s newfound BRICS cooperation extended to currency coordination with China – in other words, would or has South Africa joined the throng of countries considering to add RMB to […]

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