The Future of Car Batteries: Will Lithium Lead Lead?

Lithium-ion batteries will compete with lead-acid batteries for market share. Many electric and hybrid cars, such as GM’s new Volt, use lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter[1] and less poisonous than lead-acid batteries. Lead poisoning has already led to decreasing use of lead in solder, paint and pigments. Due to their higher energy density, lithium-ion batteries can provide motive power—power to move a vehicle—longer than lead-acid batteries.

Latin American CDS: Fully Recovered, What are the Risks?

Editors Note: The Following RGE premium content, “Latin American CDS: Fully Recovered, What are the Risks?” is available to paid clients. Bertrand Delgado, Elisa Parisi-Capone and Alejandro Rivera, take a close look at Latin America’s 5 year CDS fundamental and counterparty risk dynamics.  They examine the extent to which counterparty risks explain the sharp movement […]