Response to Randy Wray’s Biggest Commodity Bubble of All Time

L. Randall:  You present a compelling argument for a commodity bubble. Yes, the financialization of commodities has truly played a role in rising global commodity prices via the many new ETPs (exchange traded products) backed by either  commodity futures or physicals, as well as indices and other forms of  investible instruments. Yet I wish to […]

Georgia on My Mind

Having recently returned from summer vacation, the adventure is fresh on my mind. No, I did not travel to the southern U.S. state iconic for pecan pie and the Ray Charles hit, but rather the Republic of Georgia, or Sakartvelo, as the locals refer to it. Georgia, a sovereign state with 4.5 million inhabitants, is […]

The Economics of Pizza – a Slice of Life in New York City

In times of economic woe, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference, when something of small monetary value is extolled by its ‘pack-a-punch’ impact. Faced with 9.2% unemployment in the U.S., a double dip in housing, falling consumer confidence (58.50%), and the Empire State Manufacturing Index in negative territory (-3.76%), what […]

CNBC Fast Money: RGE’s Shelley Goldberg – Greek Crisis Impact on Commodities

CNBC — Should the Greek situation worsen, it will put additional pressure on commodity markets, says Shelley Goldberg, Roubini Global Economics. Click for Video [4:44] CNBC — Impact on Commodities Shelly Goldberg of Roubini expects developments to be euro [EUR=X  1.4406  0.0009  (+0.06%)   ] positive and therefore dollar [.DXY  74.66  0.12  (+0.16%)   ] […]