US $707 Trillion

And growing fast. The Doomsday Machine is loaded and fully protecting the TBTF banks in the safe Nash Equilibrium of MAD and we’re finally back above pre-Lehman levels with a great year for dealers, 21.4% y/y growth! Someone’s getting some nice bonuses for Xmas.

Source: (Updated last month, through June-2011). The current release doesn’t go back before the crisis, so here are some additional datapoints on the total notional:

end-2008: $598,147 (+0.4% y/y)

mid-2008: $683,814 (so Lehman and AIG meant almost $100 trillion of notional got vaporized as 2 large counterparties sank into the depths)

end-2007: $595,738 (+43% y/y)

end-2006: $414,845 (+39.4%)

end-2005: $297,670

One Response to "US $707 Trillion"

  1. Rcoutme   December 20, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    End of 2005 $297,670, June 2011 $707,569

    Where did the $400 trillion come from?