NEW YORK, Jul 21, 2015 — Roubini Global Economics, a leading provider of independent, global macroeconomic research, today announced the formation of EconoMonitor LLC, a new joint venture between Roubini Global Economics and Ashmore Media Group.

In August 2015, EconoMonitor LLC will be relaunching the EconoMonitor blog, a community for informed commentary on economic, financial, and geopolitical developments around the world. The new business will be managed by CEO Norman Wetmore and Editor-in-Chief Ash Bennington, in partnership with Roubini Global Economics.

“I am very excited about relaunching EconoMonitor,” said Chairman Nouriel Roubini. “We believe that the new EconoMonitor website will become an important destination for economic news, analysis, and opinion. I am especially happy to be working with the team from Ashmore Media to take this opportunity to the next level.”

“I’m delighted to be leading EconoMonitor and partnering with Roubini Global Economics,” said Norman Wetmore, EconoMonitor’s new CEO, “and I’m very pleased to be working with the entire Roubini team, along with an impressive list of external contributors”

“We are looking forward to building EconoMonitor into a world class macroeconomic, community-based portal,” Ash Bennington, EconoMonitor Editor-in-Chief said. “The team at Roubini Global Economics brings a vast body of economic insight and thought leadership to the table: It’s a great place to build a global digital community for informed commentary on economic, financial, and geopolitical developments around the world.

Executive Biographies

Ash Bennington is a former CNBC reporter whose work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, TheStreet.com, Business Insider, ZeroHedge, and numerous other publications.  In addition to reporting on finance and economics, Mr. Bennington was a Vice President of e-Commerce at BB&T. Prior to working at BB&T, he held the title Assistant Vice-President & Technical Expert at Credit Suisse.

Norman Wetmore was a co-founder and CFO of Bergen Capital, Inc. — a boutique investment bank and broker-dealer catering to the municipal bond market. In 2006, he and his two founding partners sold their business to BB&T, a large US regional bank. After selling to BB&T, Norman served as a Managing Director for BB&T, managing multiple offices on their behalf. Mr. Wetmore currently holds FINRA security licenses 7,63,66,27,24,9,10.